Telecome income is providing voice and data services, voting, live chats, call TV, quiz shows, horoscopes,sex calls, voice internet access and much more. Service providers such as TV stations, internet portals, mobile content suppliers, or indeed any company which requires an alternative method of charging its customers by phone, is a potential partner of Telecom income. International Premium Rate Numbers are based on a Pay per Minute system, where the content provider can decide the amount to charge the customer.

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Premium Rate Numbers

We are offering billing solutions for your premium voice and data content, regardless of volumes, look no further. We not only guarantee the best payouts on the market but also offer you accurate statistics, timely payment cycles and unparalleled customer support. Telecom Income is partnered with key International carriers, ensuring that we are always able to provide the latest, most up to date number ranges and revenue rates. For key location requirements, we will actively search the carrier market for access on your behalf. If you have high volume voice, data or SMS traffic, we can provide International or Domestic Premium Rate numbers for access from hundreds of International locations. Your traffic can be delivered to any destination via traditional PSTN method or via high grade VoIP.

Voice and Data service

Your employees, partners and customers expect network access everywhere they are; whether they're in the office or on the road, in a store or on the factory floor. As a result, your fixed and wireless networks must be:

  • Scalable
  • Resilient
  • Secure but with high availability
  • Easily accessible outside of the office (airport, train station or coffee shop)
  • We have the experience to provide you with global services that guarantee converged solutions across voice and data, on both fixed and mobile networks.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their telecommunication solutions are underpinning their business success, not holding it back. Our approach to providing these communication solutions is about:

  • Scale
  • Being wherever your business is
  • Using industry standards to your advantage
  • Moving your business up the technology spectrum on a timescale that suits you
  • Taking the stress out of managing all of your ICT solutions


We are offering competitive revenue shares on premium rate telephone and premium SMS, in several European countries. We can provide ready built services for the following:

  • Ringtones and mobile products sales
  • Recorded information
  • Data capture and message taking
  • Dating Voicemail
  • Prank and Wind Up calls

Or we can configure a Premium Rate phone or SMS service to your requirements. Professional audio recording services are available.

Live Chats

We are offering competitive live chat, is all about improving agent performance. Easily track agent activity, including number of chats received, handled chats and missed chats. See which agent deserves a raise and who needs more training. Grow your company by offering the best live support in your industry..

Call TV

Our company provides a large variety of premium rate numbers and audio text services. Premium rate services are a great way of generating income from telephone calls. You can generate this income whether you are a TV quiz show.

Quiz Show

Our company provides a large variety of premium rate numbers for quiz shows. Premium rate services are a great way of generating income from telephone calls and we are providing this for many years.


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