About Us

Telecom income is a leading, global, multicultural telecommunications and marketing company, located in United Kingdom. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of premium rate numbers, horoscopes, dating and party lines, voting for TV shows, winning contests, Lottery, gambling tips, phone sex, Celebrity Fan News for various musicians and bands, Check verification, Weather information and marketing solutions and much more.

As well as keeping up with, and often spearheading, the latest trends and evolving technologies, Telecom income also prides itself on meeting customers needs and expectations. With its multinational team, Telecom income constantly monitors global perspectives and telecommunications opportunities, enabling us to maintain our position at the forefront of the International telecoms market in both payment solutions and marketing operations.

Our revenue rates are highly competitive. Please note, the rates you see here on our website are just our standard starter rates. We are always willing to negotiate further based on the volumes that you are able to generate. We pride ourselves on RELIABLE and FAST revenue payments.

Wanna join with us for quick earnings?

Our powerful, user-friendly Reseller platform is a sophisticated online tool that is perfect for those clients who wish to become resellers of Telecom income. The platform gives you the ability to create your own sub-accounts for your customers & to allocate International Premium Rate numbers to the sub-accounts that you choose. You can view real-time live call stats for all of your International Premium Rate numbers & also download detailed historical call reports for all of the International Premium Rate numbers that you have allocated to your clients. Sign up today to start earning revenue straight away!

As we hope you will soon experience, Telecom income is 100% focused on customer service. With our experienced and enthusiastic team, our telecoms technology expertise, and our extensive client base, Telecom income looks forward to working with you soon.

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